No.29 September 2017


1 Brouhaha Centre with blurb, oddly (6)
5 Choice gravy (7)
9 Hannibal held ours (not taking sides) for teacher (8)
10 Features that might be carried on, say (6)
11 Verbal questioning of dentistry? (4,11)
13 A. Dolan, shortly going to island in what some call the present era (3,2,3)
14 City of a Hundred Gates, almost the finest (6)
15 Agency accepting obstacle over tongue (6)
17 Exert influence to silent, farthest point (8)
19 Types of intercourse and stroke for a people person (6,9)
20 Imagine five liars, such as Bob Acres and Ensign Beverley, or Sir Lucius O’Trigger and Captain Absolute (6)
21 Dominate above brook? (8)
23 Small aviator has short day to reverse tiny amount (7)
24 Impale a bird, I hear (6)
2 Vehicle must be not odd (3)
3 Hurricanes were involved in this atmospheric contest (6,2,7)
4 Prohibit afternoon test to become a lawyer (3,4)
5 Top-drawer amount wasted for Brexit, for example (11,4)
6 Essex tincture more than half finished (7)
7 Berliner that I’ve restored to an empire-builder (4,3,8)
8 London police got up to ten usually, disrobing for city gent’s 5 down (11)
12 Simon McGregor dropped ‘M’ off at Douglas’ 5 down (11)
16 One pursuing firm defeat of big things (7)
18 Time madmen lost head to lace makers (7)
22 Consumed with overthrowing Greek character (3)

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No.29 September 2017

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