No.25 May 2017


1 D.C.I. Stanhope mentions about one set of truths (10)
6 Work soapsuds evenly (4)
9 Mitty left out bottoms of tanks (5,5)
10 Pace of caresses taken the wrong way (4)
12 The classroom’s disrupted, but not by him (12)
15 E.g. root growing – hot, endless, towards the earth (9)
17 Yes, a craftsman has the beginnings of a craft (5)
18 Anguish a type of aunt (5)
19 Kink of Verdi, say – a fantasy (3,6)
20 What instructor at the wheel does for buff (12)
24 Lump coming after A is terminal (4)
25 Is order related to Orpheus of a similar structure? (10)
26 Will ego? (4)
27 The much-loved cartoonist from “Riverdance” (6,4)
1 Pledges German cars contain nothing (4)
2 Tree top rodent? (4)
3 Like a communist postman on your birthday? (4-8)
4 Half bull, half pony found in the Waikato (5)
5 Thence Lye artistically composed Aristotle’s final form (9)
7 Shoot towards Scottish lake (not the head) with endless nips and snacks (6,4)
8 Schismatic is set apart (10)
11 The wife of Lord Greystoke, an Earl, and a very short ruler (4,4,4)
13 Railway worker inside, for instance, first to scarlet-hipped bloomers! (10)
14 Italian code left lying around in town to the east (10)
16 Capital University admits backward chump at an equal rate (4,5)
21 Get new floor coverings back, even duller (5)
22 Spoke of sadness said to stop a horse (4)
23 Want rising unit of energy (for short) (4)

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No.25 May 2017

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