No.17 August 2016


Solve the clues and fit them into the grid, jigsaw-wise, wherever they will go.

A One free British broadcaster (6)
B Excalibur, I always held, was put in vault (6)
C This French hat inserted backwards – it changes pronunciation of C (7)
D Refuse records – they aren’t sealed (4,6)
E Heartless sexy duo contrive wholesale departure (6)
F Amuse with no introduction after Feb 1st blows hot and cold (6)
G Leader of communist ring, rough revolutionary, came before Marx (7)
H Pitch to fifty in New York – wonderful! (8)
I Repeating it before time with books (7)
J Yes, German bore out of order in small jumper (6)
J “French setter? Capital!” – writer seen on either side of K (6)
K Big Ape’s game with Bats: Parker’s heads are replaced by Kent’s (4,4)
L Historically, a French province restored inlays? No (8)
M Implore ten to reconsider in Vermont (10)
N Arranged ace and ten in case of need (8)
O Reroute a circuit to part of “The Listener” (5,3)
P Law-breaking gamble to get pussy (8)
Q Get gear without starting – that’s a joke (4)
R Italian jerk is charming (8)
S Pre-emptive Bridge tactic may leave opponents in the cold (4-3,3)
T Made longer without divorcee being looked after… (6)
U …contrariwise, international organisation T (7-3)
V Knows a lot of poetry? (6)
W Health benefit (7)
X Unknown insect with strong dislike for yellow salt (8)
Y Cry over vinyl record, the old fashioned sort (4)
Z Love tariff is exempt from tax (4-4).

download (1)

download (2)

(solution to last month’s puzzle)
No.17 August 2016

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