No 11 February 2016


1 Goat feels clumsy (13)
9 Implement 10 in America near Illinois (7)
10 Wine business with a concealed entrance (7)
11 Chilling in St Clair periodically? Yes (5)
12 Weak, like hens? (9)
14 Man in Beatles song at this time and place (7)
16 Hunter’s attendant, soldier, capturing high ground to east (7)
18 Bung Bob a posh hat (7)
19 Buddhist shrines may be sabotaged without Mr Lawrence (7)
20 Being in command of vessel to east of Sultana, perhaps (9)
22 Back-rub Master gives somewhere east of Suez (5)
24 Are they stuck in rented accomodation? (7)
26 See, unseen part of stage is source of cattle sounds (7)
27 Partner’s position at hospice is as doctor (13)
1 Musical form associated with King and country? (5)
2/4 That heathen Mr Woo, perversely sheltering the unloved Dr Flick? (3,3,3,4,2,5)
3 Described paramilitary organisation’s composition (5)
4 See 2
5 Sodium and phosphorus found on surface of fabric (3)
6 Real thing? Strangely, 2/4 wasn’t one (9)
7 Say, nice furniture! (5)
8 Very large things taken from Belgian city, subsequently somewhat short (8)
13 Overdramatising Bond character home from the east between two Russian ladies (4,2,5)
14 Outstanding organ passages? (8)
15 Were carriers once people who send things away? (9)
17 “Absolute Beginners” and “Middlemarch”, thinly disguised as a different production (9)
21 H. E. Bates character partial to early diagnosis (5)
22 Missile launcher that is also a type of knife (5)
23 Fabled author of “A Question Upheld” (5)
25 Like so endlessly gross (3)

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No 11 February 2016

2 thoughts on “No 11 February 2016

  1. Morag says:

    I am looking for the solution to the December 2015 Crossword (number 10). I can see the solution to the November one by clicking on the PDF button to get to the PDF version. However, there is no PDF button on the February 2016 crossword (number 11). Is there a way I can see the solution to Number 10 – the December 2015 one?


  2. Apologies! My mistake. I will add a button forthwith – thanks for pointing that out.

    PS now added, unfortunately Channel haven’t yet sent me a proof of the page, so I’ve gone back to using a PDF and a separate image for the solution.


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