No.9 November 2015


1 Spooner’s fool yells: “They keep us in our places!” (9)
6 Unforgettable engagement, if not entirely fashionable (5)
9 Pick out odd bits from strange signature (3)
10 Groans came from this castle as Goth sang R.E.M. composition (11)
11 Case of Egyptian name attached to ancient deities (6)
12 Steam whistles from duck pie simmering on ring (8)
14 With taste, like Inspector Morse unendearingly wearing a type of trousers popular in the 60s (9)
15 Type of mint stick (5)
16 Nicely 14, like former Ancient Egyptian ruler with tail covering head (5)
18 A curator’s translated Iroquoian (9)
20 Not to everyone’s taste, say, like the Beatles (8)
22 One worshipped in Ancient Egypt’s dry about a bird (3-3)
24 The bisexual arrangement won’t last forever (11)
25 Employ American English (3)
26 Every so often, stood daddy a drink (5)
27 Start to fish by seaside for joined shells (9)
1 When a flapper causes a stir in faraway places (9,6)
2 One last letter turned up after publication, leading to thin material (7)
3 Roving fighter and sailor returned with gold booty – The End (9)
4 Pocket funds, lose 25, escalate fraud (4)
5 On journey she provides meal, and a garment with top folded over (10)
6 Demon star, nestled in astral gold (5)
7 Shell donated by shipwrecked sailor? (7)
8 Like old trousers? (2,5,4,4)
13 Curiously thematic divinity included third ‘R’ (10)
15 Religious leader appears in “Ascend” – a popular TV show (4,5)
17 Silently chewed exclamation? (7)
19 Impose, raising a stink with Ms Stein (7)
21 Impudent, like gravy! (5)
23 Is imprisoning bisexual, one venerated in Ancient Egypt (4)

Donald, Where’s Your Troosers?

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