No 2. April 2015


1 Ms Chanel drank hot tea, left scrambled eggs eaten at 9’s main ingredient (9)
7/10 He’s caught out before 12 (5,4)
9 Daisy follows letter visible in grid to festival (6)
10 See 7
11 A day to remember in 7 (5)
12 More reckless strip (6)
13 “She’s back . . . to feed!” (4)
15 Almost join one (4)
16 Lies at length (7)
18 What did astronaut Sally take in the shuttle? (4)
19 See 27
21 See 1 Down
24 See 23 Down
27/19 Overlook festival (8)
28 Wear identification during the ‘Good’ part of 9 (6)
29 See 33
30 I sat, excited and bubbly (4)
31 Optical glass container holding some unusual heads (6)
32 Day with Bolger here, in 7, in musical comedy (is rap played?) (5)
33/29 “Cull the monster!” – amazingly, how T.S.Eliot described 7 (9,5)

  • Her blooms cry sadly,
  • Around the first sign of Spring;
  • Big show in Japan (6,7)

2 ‘e’s bossed around in Bewitched? (8)
3 Unity’s ahead, apparently? (7)
4 Material obtained from raised fat cheese (7)
5 Kid from Adelaide chopped vegetables (5)
6 Shameless Black Caps flatten North Head (6)
8 He finds one of Old Possum’s subjects in the WC, right? (7)
14 I say, join northern shelter! (5)
17 Dot has a dance (5)
18 Pam and Dora go astray? They need one of these! (4,3)
20 Sales assistant finds God – in flat with head on floor (8)
22 Raises awkward point before making more bold (7)
23/24 Upset at trial, distant world engages combat systems (7,4)
25 Incumbency lasting a decade, allegedly? (6)
26 Detective allowed to edge around hole (6)
27 Aspect of the Moon almost used by Mr Spock? (5)

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There’s a bit of a theme, which means one answer may lead to another!

No 2. April 2015

2 thoughts on “No 2. April 2015

  1. Morag says:

    I don’t understand the clue for 20d. I can see that DEUS is God, but how does “in flat with head on floor” relate to the remaining letters VENE? I see that it is an anagram of EVEN, which means flat. Does putting the “head” on the floor mean take the first letter off EVEN and put it at the end?


    1. Hi Morag,

      Thanks for the feedback. You’ve got it right – VEN(DEUS)E is clued as — Sales assistant (definition) finds God in (DEUS to go inside) flat with head on floor (EVEN, having moved the first E to the bottom, since it’s a down clue). Perhaps not my finest hour, but I think it does just about work.




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