No 1. March 2015


1 Two banks and a bed: something you can see right now! (7)
5 You love being shaken up (within sober limits) (6)
9 A cool tech product you can eat (9)
10 Foreman losing right to make a mistake (5)
11 An angry 18 ac, like this one (6)
12 Small part of plant’s a flyer (7)
14 Support part of side for game (10)
16 Deceiver has change of heart in hideout (4)
18 Collude regularly to get a hint (4)
19 Surface endlessly varied for underwater adventurers (4,6)
21 Exercise caution where the hammer falls (7)
22 Plans were made to reveal what you seek (6)
26 Deny returning potato, for instance (5)
27 “What are you doing now?” – never uttered in a perfect marriage! (9)
28 Support for hard-boiled type with brittle exterior (6)
29 Snoopy’s captured the Silverback Bunch! (7)
1 Company, care of a hot drink (5)
2 The morning before our love affair (5)
3 It’s glaringly obvious none developed cancer, for example (4,4)
4 Lie about what you’re using to solve this puzzle (4)
5 Model, plus blonde? Enchanted! (10)
6 Record and preserve snarl-up (6)
7 Cry of the Dalek skin-care specialist? (9)
8 Dog’s like me? (6)
13 Pa’s mocking outlandish garment worn by Victorian gents (7,3)
15 Hold tight to claim accessory (6,3)
17 Greek God of noisy revels caught in rising bubble (8)
18 Pursued, I hear – but never caught? (6)
20 Critic spilling a type of acid (6)
23 False Romeo wearing torn gown (5)
24 Blooming rosy! (5)
25 Sad 18 ac, like this one (4)

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(Helpful (?) hint – if you don’t you have a copy of the magazine when doing this, it may help to imagine that you do 🙂 )

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No 1. March 2015

2 thoughts on “No 1. March 2015

  1. KeithB says:

    Hi Maya

    What a great intro to cryptic crosswords, and thanks for linking it to the world at large. Very clever fitting in some simple jargon, like 18a, 27a and so on.

    There are some cracking clues, especially 29a – once you’ve spotted the trick!

    My classical knowledge is a bit ropey, OK let’s be honest, non-existent, so 17d was one I couldn’t nail, but otherwise I think it’s a fairly straightforward puzzle for starters – and always fair to the solver.

    Good luck with this venture, hope you keep us updated with future offerings,



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